My Coaching Philosophy

My coaching philosophy is centered on the simple belief that great leaders make great teams.

During my over twenty years coaching athletics at the collegiate level, I have built each of my teams around the “as one” philosophy — the team is only as strong as each individual contributing to it, working together, as one. And that starts with the coach. Before any leader can succeed in bringing the “as one” philosophy to life on their teams, they must first invest in themselves.

Our work together will focus on identifying the challenges to becoming a great leader, how to overcome those, and how to invest in your own personal growth so you can be successful in making your team great.

Coaching begins with an assumption that clients are whole, wise, and highly knowledgeable about the nature of their own personal and professional development. Therefore, the coach’s primary role is to draw out the leader’s wisdom through inquiry, curiosity, gentle provocations, and challenges that help the leader to stretch into their best capacities. To do that, we introduce or co-create self-observation exercises and behavioral practices.

I approach coaching from a holistic lens, attentive to the leader’s interior life (physical, emotional, cognitive, and spirit) as well as how their interior reality is expressed through their physical presence and behaviors. I seek mutual understanding regarding the dynamics of the organizational culture and systems (including policies and practices) within which the leader leads.

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